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Koh Ped

Very small rocky island with no sandy beaches. Its home to wild Thai native swimming monkeys. Feeding these monkeys is not for the faint hearted, they will literally jump all over you in order to get their share.

เกาะสาก พัทยา

Koh Sak

Beautiful island bay that offers the best snorkeling options available on a 4 hour charter with vibrant coral reefs. The bay is very crowded with other boats in the morning but quietens down mid afternoon.

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Haad Sai Kaew

Huge beautiful beach with many trees offering natural shade. Very clean turquoise waters but not clear enough for snorkeling. Home to a very nice restaurant and several food stalls.


Koh Larn

Also known as Coral Island has some gorgeous beaches however we don’t often go there as it can get very crowded especially in tourist high season. It is an inhabited island with basic roads, hotels, and restaurants.


Koh Khram Noi

Small picturesque uninhabited island with a stunning sandbar stretching into the clear sea. Good snorkeling. Navy restricted in sea turtle breeding season.



Koh Phai

Is without any doubt the best-deserted island charter destination available in the Pattaya Archipelago with several stunning bays with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

A great place to snorkel amongst the tropical fish and the coral reefs. It is the largest and farthest of the far islands and on most yachts, if sea conditions allow and we cruise to Koh Phai we will relax there for the entire day.

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Koh Rin

Offers one large amazing white sand beach. Abundant marine life. Excellent for fishing and scuba diving at the south side of the island and at its two neighboring outcrops aptly named North Rock and South Rock.

At low tide, small tropical fishes are literally swimming around you in knee deep water.

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Koh Klung Badan

Is a small rocky island with no beaches however it can be one of the best destinations for snorkeling in the Pattaya archipelago. Fun fishing for pan size fish just off this island is usually very rewarding.

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Koh Man Wichai

s a delightful deserted island fairly close to Koh Phai. It has 3 small picturesque coves with white sand beaches and its waters offer excellent snorkeling with plentiful marine life including some bigger fish however sea currents can be strong here.

The clear waters surrounding the island along with its vibrant coral reefs also makes Koh Man Wichai an excellent scuba diving location.

ที่พักเกาะเสม็ด Sai Kaew Beach

Koh Samet Archipelago – A Vibrant Yet Relaxed Gorgeous Island!

Located 85 km south of Pattaya, Koh Samet can easily be reached in a quality yacht such as Cachée. The sensational white sand Island is approximately a 6 hours cruise away and is an ideal destination for a 3 day yacht charter.

This Island is a real sun, sand and sea haven. Interestingly, Koh Samet’s fascinating microclimate makes it the driest area in the whole of Thailand. It is a long and narrow shaped Island which covers an area of just 13 square km, and is encompassed with stunning white sand beaches, clear waters and tropical jungle. You will find a range of quality hotels and fabulous restaurants on this small Island.

Koh Samet has a vibrant, yet relaxed nightlife with several beach bars offering nightly beach parties. Although it is developed with modern luxury hotels, spas and excellent restaurants, you will not find many paved roads on Island. This helps to retain the wonderful atmosphere and desert island feeling of this fantastic place. The best way to get around the Island is simply by walking, or for the more adventurous there are mountain bikes, ATV’s and scooters with knobby tires available to rent from several vendors.

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Koh Chang Archipelago – Possibly the Most Beautiful Archipelago in All of Thailand

The Koh Chang archipelago is located 260 km south of Pattaya and is the quietest untouched, undeveloped and unspoiled of the famous yacht charter Thai archipelagos.

To many, who have been fortunate enough to experience these islands, they are also the most beautiful in all of Thailand, The entire sensational archipelago is officially a Thailand National Marine Park. Within the 650 square kilometre Marine Park there are 52 islands of which most are completely uninhabited and deserted tranquil havens. The abundance of coral reefs and the clear waters not surprisingly make this National Marine Park a world-class Scuba Diving destination.

As a tourist destination, the Koh Chang archipelago is growing in popularity amongst those who are looking for a perfect relaxing ‘beach holiday’. Koh [hangs Island circumference is dotted with white sandy beaches with clear waters lapping the shores. The best beaches are located on the western side, and this is where most of the hotels are situated. You will find the interior has plenty of activities such as waterfalls, jungle treks, elephant treks, jungle ziplines, beach bars and restaurants.

The main neighboring inhabited islands are Koh Mak and the jewel in the crown paradise island of Koh Kood. Both these islands have won numerous international awards for top ten beaches in the world and are simply out of this world stunning and immensely serene, uncrowded, tranquil paradises. They are the piece de resistance of the entire archipelago and after a visit to Koh Mak and Koh Kood you may never want to leave. There is no better way to explore these secluded treasures than on a multiple day charter upon Cachée!